CAS services help you improve and demonstrate the quality and impact of training leading to safety or business critical licences, certificates, permits or other removable qualifications.

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Monitor and Evaluate

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Monitor and Evaluate

CAS is experienced in running multi-year contracts for major clients who are responsible for national and industry training programmes that people must successfully complete before being awarded licences or certificates. Training is delivered in classrooms, in workplaces and online.

A team of analysts is responsible for the remote monitoring of course administration, training outcomes and learner evaluation. Teams of inspectors undertake a range of prescheduled and unannounced visits to training organisations and observe training courses.

Remote data, inspection reports and learner evaluation forms are combined in client reports that profile overall throughput and performance trends, identify and track risks to the integrity and reputation of the programme or scheme and specify improvement opportunities.

Get in touch if you think your training programme needs independent assurance.

Administer and Report

CAS gives its clients the option to outsource the back-office administration of their training and licensing programmes.

This confidential service can include course scheduling and bookings, trainer selection and deployment, joining instructions, individual competence records, licence or certificate expiry alerts, learner interactions and trainer training. It can be extended to include analysis of client spend, gross margin and weekly or monthly, quarterly and annual reporting. Reports can also be prepared on training organisation and/or trainer performance if required.

We are open to a number of commercial options for charging this service from service based fees to retainer plus performance-related bonus.

Call our Managing Director to discuss your requirements in more detail.

Design and Develop

CAS has designed and, in some cases, has gone on to project manage the introduction of, important new training programmes for government and business clients

These include major schemes to control entry to safety critical roles and work environments, including:

  • Specification of licences and certificates for managerial, skilled and semi-skilled staff in transport and civil engineering sectors.
  • Specification of competence cards and logbooks to check accreditations and experience.
  • Design of competence management systems and oversight of early phase implementation by client staff and contractors.
  • Development of training to support the introduction of compulsory schemes to the workforce and supply chain.
  • Design e-learning course modules and their assessment and integration.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you develop and launch your new programme.

Review and Recommend

Over the last two decades CAS has been commissioned by government agencies, businesses, professional bodies, lawyers and industry associations to conduct independent reviews of a wide range of compulsory training programmes.

In most cases the brief is to check the objectives and content are up-to-date, examine training delivery practices and the quality of and learning outcomes, confirm that assessment methods and results are valid and reliable. According to the findings, recommendations are made on how the programme can be made more effective and efficient.

Our reports are custom-made for each client, depending on whether they are for general publication, for board level eyes, for presentation to ministers or submission to court as evidence.

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